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Winter 2020

The Myth of Donor Advised Funds

“It is difficult, at times, to separate the myth from the truth.”
The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and a lawyer walk into a bar... Of course, this joke has no punch line as the monsters I mentioned don’t exist.  They are merely myths. As a young boy, I was fascinated by books about myths.  The most intriguing myth for me was the Bermuda Triangle.  The more […]
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Fall 2019

The Nine Suggestions

“If you’ve been blessed, be a blessing.”
A long time ago, a guy who may have looked a lot like Mel Brooks descended from a mountain.  He had two tablets (or was it three?) containing 10 commandments.  Because I don’t have the authority to command how folks behave, perhaps these nine suggestions are about as far as my counsel may extend. THOU […]
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Summer 2019

The Brick House Trust

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”
What if your greatest responsibility in life is to protect three pink little piggies, whom you love? It’s your responsibility, and nobody else’s. You know life has a whole pack of wolves stalking your little piggies, waiting for the right moment to attack your vulnerable, curly-tailed loved ones. Who, or what, makes up this wolf […]
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Spring 2019

Naked and Unafraid

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”
The legendary musical band Fleetwood Mac made hundreds of millions of dollars together.  Off and on over many decades, they toured the world and sold countless records. All the while they were surrounded by many attorneys, business managers, promoters, copyright experts, financial advisors, and insurance gurus. Yet the entire time the band played together, they […]
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Winter 2019

Why Fly from Illinois?

“Anybody who wants to leave Illinois already has.” ("Oh, really?")
I have written a lot about how clients can extricate themselves from Illinois.  More interestingly, however, is why so many Illinoisans choose to leave. Many people conclude they want out of Illinois even before they become aware of all the consequences of staying Illinois residents.  The most popular destination for affluent Illinoisans is Florida.  According […]
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